OFSN is a statewide non-profit organization that supports families who are raising a child with significant mental health challenges.

We provide education, support and advocacy for individual families and support systems.  Our services are community based to meet the unique needs of families, and therefore may look a little different in every community.

Some of our services include:

  • Providing referrals, information, training and emotional support to families.
  • Helping families connect with other families who are raising a child with significant mental health challenges.
  • Providing assistance in navigating government and educational systems in order to help families gain the support and services they need.
  • We host local events and support groups for families in many areas of the state.
  • OFSN provides one-on-one peer support services in conjunction with Wraparound or Intensive Community Treatment Services.
  • We provide families and community members current information about children’s mental health and community resources.
  • OFSN advocates for increased awareness, funding and better policies for children’s mental health support.
  • Our organization addresses some of the needs that parents have identified, such as:  reducing stress & isolation, networking with other parents, obtaining better information about medical, special education, respite, social  & recreational resources, and how to become a better advocate for their children.