“Getting to Calm” Family Resource Book

getting-to-calmBill MacMorris-Adix MSW LCSW
President, Oregon Family Support Network

Of the various family relationship resources I have reviewed, this is one of the best. My summary does not do justice to the tone, examples and information presented by the authors. They present the reader with a compassionate understanding of the teenager’s developmental work to become an adult. Through explanation and example, the authors present the CALM skills helpful to maintaining a positive relationship in even the most
difficult of situations. The chapter titles listed below show the range of topics reviewed.

Chapter 1
When your Sweet Child Morphs into a Sassy Teen
Chapter 2
When Smart Teens Do Really Dumb Things
Chapter 3
When Your Trustworthy Teen Pulls a Fast One
Chapter 4
When You and Your Spouse Disagree
Chapter 5
When Your Teen is Acting Like a Spoiled Brat
Chapter 6
When You’re Worried You’re Losing Your Teen
Chapter 7
When They’re Screaming at You — or Not Talking at All
Chapter 8
When Teens Are Mean
Chapter 9
When Your Teen Wants to Be Wired All the Time
Chapter 10
When Your Teen is “Going Out’
Chapter 11
When you Need to Talk About Sex
Chapter 12
When You’re Fighting About Grades
Chapter 13
When You Catch Your Teen Drinking or Smoking
Chapter 14
When Everyone Is Completely Stressed Out

I’m confident that this will be a helpful resource for parents. Perhaps my summary will invite you to read the book.

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