Oregon Family Support Network Offers Assistance in Lincoln County

hispanic-mom-kidsThe Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN), is a family-run, nonprofit organization for children with mental, behavioral and emotional challenges and their families.  It builds its foundations on the shared, lived experiences of parents, grandparents, relatives and other people the youth or parents define as “family”.

During meetings, OFSN provides free dinner, childcare, support and education in the areas of mental health, trauma, parenting skills and other topics of interest such as autism, ADHD, the mysteries of the IEP and more.  OFSN meets monthly in various locations in Lincoln County.  Families are invited to attend any meetings that they wish.  The meeting begins with a free family dinner.  After dinner, the children are invited to the supervised activities area, and the parents have their meeting.  There will be a guest speaker and time for personal sharing.  Community resources for families are frequent topics for discussion.

Signe Miller is the director for Lincoln County.  Contact her at:  (541) 505-2511 for more information regarding the services that OFSN can provide.  First time participants at an OFSN meeting are also asked to call ahead to register their children for childcare.