Become an Advocate!

Oregon Family Support Network is a great place to share your story.  You can also help develop advocacy and empowerment for other families that are raising children with significant mental health challenges as well.

Many of us might not realize the value of our experience.  Some families might be so sad or angry that they simply want to forget and move on, and that’s okay.  However, some of us can leverage our experience and wisdom for the benefit of those who come next, the families that will cross our path in the future or follow in our footsteps.

Empowerment for others along the way is a gift that keeps on giving, a gift that results in huge dividends.  The experience won’t end, it’s just the beginning of many more.

If, or when, you feel comfortable, there are several ways to share your story and connect with others.

You can:

  • ADVOCATE for yourself
  • ADVOCATE for your family
  • ADVOCATE for your children
  • ADVOCATE for your community
  • ADVOCATE for your state
  • ADVOCATE for your values
  • ADVOCATE for those around you
  • ADVOCATE for those far away
  • ADVOCATE for those who cannot yet advocate for themselves