Action Needed: Prevent Deep Cuts in Medicaid Funding

At OFSN we believe one of the best strategies to use addressing policy concerns for children, and youth experiencing emotional, mental or behavioral health challenges and their families, is to know as much as possible about what is going on at the local, state and national level in politics.

Here is some new information for us all to be watching:

The U.S. House plan through the American Health Care Act is known to be difficult for many Americans, adults and children alike through sharp cuts in Medicaid funding and spending.  However, many children and youth receive special education services, and health care support in school based settings, which are also funded in large part by Medicaid.

While the House passed its version of the American Health Care Act – a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Senate is circulating it’s own bill, which is on a fast track to go to a vote.

Below is contact information for both Senators Jeff Merkely and Ron Wyden.  Please contact them and let them know how concerned you are about the deep cuts to Medicaid.  Following are some talking points:


Dear Senator Merkley (or Senator Wyden)

The proposed congressional budget cuts to Medicaid are harmful to children, youth and young adults in Oregon experiencing significant emotional, mental or behavioral health and their families.

Before we started receiving services through (Where?)_____________________________, my child was unable to__________________________.

My child_____________ has benefited from the services they have received by (state what’s going better).

Our family now has hope because_________________________________________.

Some of the services our child has received have been in school, and we understand that these services are likely to be cut as part of the overall cuts in Medicaid.

We urge you to please stop any legislation that results in such harmful impacts to children, youth and families in Oregon.


(your name, address, email, phone number)