Central Oregon Staff

Regional Family Support Specialist/Family Partner – Janelle Leeden

Janelle comes to OFSN with lived experience navigating Mental Health systems, and  Medical Health systems through Oregon Health Sciences University, Heart Transplant program. Janelle has been advocating for many years on behalf of her young son who experiences ADHD, severe Anxiety, and Trauma  and her Daughter who experiences Anxiety and Trauma. She simultaneously advocated for her husband through a successful Heart Transplant.   She understands how these challenges can have an adverse effect on families. Her desire is to help others navigate through the hardships, and systems to ease stress, and empower families. She wants other families to know they are not alone when things get chaotic, and difficult. Janelle is an avid horsemen, and enjoys being outside in nature whenever possible.

Email:  janellel@ofsn.net