Contact information for Lane county:

Jessie Carpenter, Regional Manager
Phone:  (541) 342-2876

OFSN Lane County partners with families of children who experience behavioral, emotional or mental health challenges to help them succeed at home, school and in life.  We offer the following free services:

Peer Support

Peer support specialists are family members who have raised youth with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. They draw from both their extensive professional training and their own personal experience to support other families.

What do Peer Support Specialists Do?

–           empower families to make informed decisions based on their own values, strengths and needs

–           help families access resources

–           provide support before, during or after meetings with service providers

Wraparound Family Partners

Wraparound is a long-term, intensive, team-based planning process to help youth and their families realize their hopes and dreams.  Wrap is intended for situations where the youth and family would benefit from a team-based approach that allows multiple systems to collaborate.  The youth must have mental health challenges and be involved in two or more systems.

What is a Family Partner?

A Family Partner provides peer support and advocacy for parents and caregivers participating in Wraparound.  The goal of the Family Partner is to help the family’s voice be heard throughout the Wraparound process.


Monthly Events for Families


Respite – Our Youth Activity Leaders provide child supervision with planned curriculum once a month for families.  This is intended to give parents a much-needed break.

Coffee Connection –  Parents and caregivers come to our office to share coffee and snacks and to build connections with other families.

Family Information Night – Families learn about topics related to children’s mental health, parenting and self-care.  Dinner and childcare are provided.

Collaborative Problem Solving Parenting Class – OFSN partners with Lane County Behavioral Health to provide this valuable class to parents.

Family Events – We host a number of family activities including a summer picnic and a winter party each year.

Trainings – We organize trainings that parents can attend, including topics such as Trauma Informed Care, IEP / 504 Basics, Mental Health First Aid, and Journey to Advocacy.  These trainings are free for families.