Contact information for Multnomah county:

Shannon Boyette, Regional Manager
Phone: 971-209-9292

OFSN Multnomah County Game Night

“A welcoming place to meet other families, youth and young adults with special needs.”

What Are We?
Game Night is led by Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN). Game Night is a family and youth run monthly event that provides children with development, mental health, and other special health needs and their families social and recreational opportunities. The kids enjoy the games and activities, food and the adults find friendships and understanding while sharing information about their children and resources with one another.

When do we meet next? Multnomah County Game Night meets the fourth (4th) Friday of each month except November & December

Where?  909 NE 30th Ave, Portland, off 30th & Sandy, Bus line # 12

What’s Up?  Karaoke, Board Games, Pokemon, video gaming…

When DON’T we meet? The Multnomah County Game Night does not meet in November or December

What time do we meet? 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Set-up begins at 5:30 and if you are available to help set-up, we would love to have your help.

What do we bring? $5 donation per family and a food item (representing the number of people in your party) for the food table.

What does Game Night provide?
*Video games and systems including:
•                   Wii
•                   Playstation II
•                   Playstation III
•                   Nintendo DS
•                   Pokemon and Board Games
•                   Karaoke

*Movie of the Month Show starts at 7:00pm
*We provide punch, water, about 5 pizzas, plates and utensils. The rest of the delectable food items are provided by YOU!
*Tours for the newbies.
*Board Games – A place where kids and families can play a variety of board and card games.
*Quiet Area- there are quiet areas in the facility.
*Kitchen and Central Gathering Area- This is a wonderful place where food meets conversation. This is the place for some wonderful connections, resource sharing and “ah-HA” moments.

Questions? Contact Shawna Pilcher with Oregon Family Support Network at 503-602-0725 or at

As always, and JUST as vital to the success of OFSN Game Night, we need help setting up, monitoring the rooms, and cleaning up Game Night. Please contact Shawna if you can help.

Game Night provides: Many video game systems, including: Wii, Playstation II, Playstation III, Nintendo DS. Do NOT bring games rated T for Teen or M for Mature to Game Night for the regular video game room. There is a board and card game room for those collectors and game enthusiasts.