Polk County Staff

lisa-butlerRegional Director – Lisa Butler

Lisa is a married mother of four. She spent the last 8 years advocating for her son’s special needs in different systems and in the community. She believes in advocating for families to ensure their voice is heard and valued. Lisa has years of experience in different child serving systems such as DHS and Juvenile Justice. As someone in recovery, she uses her own lived life experience to empower other families to be heard and valued in a way that is individualized and meaningful.

Email: lisa.butler@ofsn.net

candace-arnoldCandace Arnold – Family Support Partner

Candy is a wife and mother to three children. Candy brings shared life experience to the wraparound process by sharing her experience of raising a child with significant mental health and behavioral needs as well as her own wraparound experience with Marion County. She feels that a family is the expert in their child and advocates for a family driven process. Candy feels that this position has given her the chance to put purpose to the process she and her family have walked through together and looks forward to playing a positive role in the community and help families find their voice.

Email:  candacea@ofsn.net

rebecca-carterRebecca Carter – Family Support Specialist

Rebecca has two grown children living in Portland.  She is a single parent, raising her beloved son who lives with both developmental and mental health challenges.  After years of navigating the many Systems of Children’s Mental Health, she is committed to supporting other families on this same journey with hopes that they understand that they are not alone.

Email:  rebeccac@ofsn.net

nelva-ojedaNelva Ojeda – Family Partner

Nelva is the married mother of four boys and one girl and was a foster parent for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.  She is the Bilingual/Bicultural Family Partner for Marion and Polk Counties.  Nelva was raised by a father who lived with addictions and mental health issues.  She has personal lived experience which helps her to empower other families.  Nevla has a passion for working with monolingual families, helping them to navigate through many systems with support and advocacy.

Email:  nelvao@ofsn.net